Established in 2001, Parkey Apparel brings high quality menswear, by appointment, to your office or home. If you do not like to shop, nor have time to shop, Barney will bring the product and service to you. Having 32 years of experience under his belt, he will make you look on the outside, like you feel on the inside.

Whether it's investment dressing, a tuxedo for a special occasion or an outfit for the weekend, Parkey Apparel can supply all your needs. Contact Barney to schedule an appointment. Here is a sample of what customers are saying.


Bill F. - "Everything always fits and is delivered in a timely mannner, and this has happened for years."

John P. - "I have enjoyed working with Barney. He is very knowledgeable in fabric and syle, so we create the unique looks I enjoy!"

Todd T. - "Barney has shown me the concept of investment dressing for my career and implemented a wardrobe outfit guide for my closet."

Dave W. - "I have been able to update my look over the years to always stay current and in style, without overdoing it!"

Investment Dressing seminars available to current clients at no charge, seasonal reviews to wardrobe and closet reviews.